Over the years, many volunteers have participated as directors of PTC/USER. Their dedicated efforts made it possible for PTC/USER to serve thousands of software professionals around the world.


    Past PTC/USER Board Members
    Karen Beebe, Chico's FAS, Inc. 2012-2015
    Greg Avesian, Chrysler 1989-1990
    Mike Berquist, Medtronic 1992-1996
    Steve Black, Cooper Tire, Joy Mining, GE 1997-2003
    Ted Bradshaw, Lucent Technologies 2001-2008
    Kelly Bryant, Texas Instruments 1991-1993
    Evan Caille, Hewlett-Packard 2002-2010
    Albert Chung, Arizona Public Service 1989-1990
    Rob Crockett, AT&T 1991-1993
    Tim Cooper, ABB Vetco Gray 1996-1999
    Marc DeFrancesco, Bell Northern Research 1989-1990
    Dzung Hoang, AT&T 1989-1991
    Dennis Johnson, Physical Electronics 1993-1999
    Kevin Johnson, Robbins and Myers 1995-2000
    Randy Kortering, Haworth 1989-1990,
    Clay Martin, MerCruiser, Clay Martin Consulting 2007-2010
    Ron McCuskey, Caterpillar 1994-2004
    Mike Nelson, Digital Equipment Corporation 1990-1993
    Carl Parsons, Douglas Aircraft 1989-1990
    Don Patterson, Harris Corporation 1991-2004
    Pierre Quesnel, Nortel Networks 1992-2005
    Ed Rehg, Texas Instruments 1989-1994
    Linda Rodda, Motorola 1999-2005
    Jose Rodriguez, Pratt & Whitney 1989-1991
    John Scranton, Raytheon 1997-2000
    Suresh Sharma, Digital Equipment Corporation 1989-1990
    Allison Sheridan, Hughes Aircraft 1992-1996
    Rick Snider, Motorola 1994-1996
    Mike Stelmat, General Electric 1990-1991,
    Bob Stone, Pitney Bowes 1989-1992
    Bob Wahlen, Fisher-Price 1989-1991
    Laura Wakeford, Federal Mogul 1993-1997
    Ron Watson, ITT Fluid Technologies 1992-2001
    Paul Wilson, ADC Telecommunications 1990-2001
    Frank Wong, Fluke 1996-1999
    Jeff Zemsky, Plug Power


    Evan Caille, Hewlett-Packard


    Ed Stevenson, Pelco


    Jane Demmer, John Deere


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