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PTC Executives Discuss the Future Direction of PTC® Mathcad®

In our most recent visit to PTC’s corporate headquarters, we focused one session in particular on user feedback surrounding PTC Mathcad Prime.

Members of the PTC User Group are particularly concerned about PTC’s direction with PTC Mathcad. Core users, especially those in college, are still using the legacy PTC Mathcad, and when they used the initial versions of PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0, they were surprised that so many of the functions and capabilities were removed.

Users raised questions and concerns like,

  • Why was PTC Mathcad re-architected?
  • Why aren’t all the capabilities there anymore?
  • Is there a real possibility that the company would not be continuing with the software?

Mike Campbell, the Executive Vice President of the CAD segment at PTC, explained to the User Board that when PTC initially bought Mathcad, the architecture was simply not sustainable. They had to undertake an effort to re-write the software so that it could be maintained, and the initial re-write was just a sub-set of the capability, and included integration with PTC Creo.

For those of you that may have been holding off to adopt PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0, or the recently release PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1, the executives are now saying that it’s to a point where it’s closer to being a viable solution for the mass of users.

High-end PTC Mathcad users, however, may still find that the product is not up to the performance standards and full capabilities they’re used to, but the overall message (and one that may put some concerns to rest), is that PTC Mathcad is a core product for PTC, and will continue to invest in improving it in the future.

So User questions shouldn’t really be about “Why” but rather about possibilities. 

  • Does PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 version have enough capabilities?
  • Am I ready to use Prime now?

Our recommendation is to try it. Test out the features and functions and see if it fits your needs. If you need to convert legacy MathCAD files, contact PTC on downloading a MathCAD 15 installer.

And if you want to get even more involved, connect with the Technical Committees (TCs), or get involved in the community.

Start a conversation and ask questions; your engagement could end up being a force to drive and direct PTC Mathcad change.

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