PTC/USER Board of Directors

    A volunteer Board of Directors manages PTC/USER in accordance with our bylaws. Board members are drawn from the user community and each works for a company that owns PTC software. Directors develop the organization's strategic plan and represent the membership through meetings with key executives at PTC. The Board oversees all major functions of PTC/USER, such as the Technical Committees, Regional User Groups, and the forums. The Board works directly with Paul Lenfest, PTC Board Liaison, to ensure close communications and effective cooperation between PTC/USER and PTC. 


    Dominic Hand
    President, ALM Segment Lead, SLM Segment Lead

    Ron Watson
    Past President, Director of Content

    Dan Glenn
    Vice President, PLM Segment Lead, Director of Information Technology

    Jennifer Reding
    Treasurer / Secretary

    Frank H. Strieffler
    Director of Technical Committees, CAD Segment Lead

    Chris Moretti
    Retail PLM Lead

    Click here to see a list of past board members.

    The Board is assisted by a professional staff, contracted to provide services on behalf of PTC/USER.

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