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Technical Committees (TCs)

Technical Committees

PTC/USER Technical Committees are composed of volunteers from the membership who work closely with PTC's Product Managers (PMs) and with each other.

For 25 years, Technical Committees (TCs) served as the primary PTC/USER vehicle for Voice-of-the-Customer activities.  In this role, TC members worked hand-in-hand with PMs to direct future software development.  Participating in the TCs was the best way to influence the development of PTC software.

While the primary vehicle for the Voice of the Customer has changed, TCs remain a vibrant and vital component of PTC/USER’s Educate, Advocate, and Support mission.

TCs continue to meet regularly. TCs continue to grow membership.

TC participation provides you with many benefits, including the following:

  • Direct interaction with PTC Product Managers, and other key PTC personnel
  • Regular information exchange with other Technical Committee members
  • The inside track to creating, staffing, and executing Working Groups and other Voice-of-the-Customer activities
  • Special, Voice-of-the-Customer opportunities only for Technical Committee members
  • Direct participation in development of the agendas for the PTC/USER Technical Community Open Forum events
  • The inside track to presenting in the PTC/USER Expert Speaker Series
  • The opportunity to participate in vetting LiveWorx content and selecting LiveWorx presenters

The TCs address PTC products across the entire Product Development System; i.e., across all of PTC’s varied software products and other offerings. TC members help PTC to make both strategic and tactical decisions.

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