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Technical Committees (TCs)

Technical Committees

PTC/USER Technical Committees are composed of volunteers from the membership, who work closely with PTC's Product Managers (PLMs) to direct future software development. Participating in the Technical Committees (TCs) is the best way to influence the development of PTC software. TC participation provides you with:

  • Direct interaction with PTC Product Managers, and other key PTC personnel
  • The ability to influence PTC’s software plans and specifications
  • The ability to evaluate software before the F000 release
  • Regular information exchange with other Technical Committee members

The TCs address PTC products across the entire Product Development System; i.e., across all of PTC’s varied software products. TC members help PTC make both strategic and tactical decisions. This has been a very successful program, with approximately 80% of member suggestions appearing as product enhancements. Committees meet several times each year, including at least one meeting in Boston to facilitate interaction with PTC's development staff.

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