Conference History

    PTC/USER spent 22 years building the World Event from a gathering of 100 users in 1989 to over 2000 attendees in recent years. Starting in 2011, PTC/USER is leveraging 22 years of experience with our World Event and are now working alongside PTC to present PTC Live Global.

    Each year, PTC Live Global will hold its premier event in North America and PTC/USER is heavily involved in the formation of the agenda and reviewing the presentations from the customer base and from PTC. We also help select keynote speakers and advise on a wide variety of elements to ensure a value-add user based experience.

    A typical event includes:

    • Best Practice Seminars - Sessions sponsored by PTC Global Services designed to provide practical, technical information you can use.
    • Technical Training - Mand hands-on sessions led by PTC University to continue your education or introduce you to a new aspect of PTC products.
    • Product Update Briefings - Learn about the latest enhancements in your favorite software modules and leading industry practices.
    • User & Partner Presentaitons - Experts from the professional community will offer their tips, techniques and unique insights to help you improve your business results.
    • Exhibit Hall - Dozens of exhibits from PTC and our Industry Practice showcase the latest innovations in software, hardware and services to solve your most difficult challenges.

    Its a special opportunity to network with your colleagues in the industry as well as in the top engineers and executives from PTC.


    Past Conference Locations

    2014 PTC Live Global
    Boston, MA USA
    (June 15-18)

    2013 PTC Live Global
    Anaheim, CA, USA
    (June 10-13)


    2012 PlanetPTC Live
    Orlando, FL, USA
    (June 3-6)


    2011 PlanetPTC Live
    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    (June 12-15)

    2010 PTC/USER World Event
    Orlando, FL, USA
    (June 6-9)

    2009 PTC/USER World Event
    "20th Anniversary"
    Orlando, Florida
    (June 7-10)
    Keynote:John Abele, Boston Scientific
    Harald Plockinger, KTM Sportmotorcycle

    2008 PTC/USER World Event
    Long Beach, CA, USA
    (June 1-4)
    Attendance: 2,075
    Fees: 895
    Keynote: Pat Waddick,
    Scott Summit

    2007 PTC/USER World Event
    Tampa, FL, USA
    (June 3-6)
    Attendance: 2,028
    Fees: $895
    Keynote: Dean Kamen,
    Michael Hawley

    2006 PTC/USER World Event
    Dallas, TX, USA
    (June 4-7)
    Attendance: 1,945
    Fees: 895
    Keynote: Ping,
    ITT Fluid Technology

    2005 PTC/USER World Event
    Orlando, FL, USA
    (June 5-8)
    Attendance: 1,510
    Fees: $895
    Keynote: Rolex S.A.,

    2004 PTC/USER World Event
    Nashville, TN, USA
    (June 13-16)
    Attendance: 1,310
    Fees: $895
    Keynote: David Holden,
    Richard Charles Racing




    2003 PTC/USER World Event
    "Wings of Invention"
    Orlando, FL, USA
    (June 8-11)
    Attendance: 1,257
    Fees: $850
    Keynotes: Admiral T.K. Mattingly,
    USN (Ret.) and John Dean,
    CIO of Steelcase, Inc.

    International Conferences:

    Paris, France

    Tokyo, Japan

    2002 PTC/USER Event
    "PTC/USER World Event"
    Atlanta GA, USA
    Attendance: 1,316
    Fees: 850
    Keynote: Roger Penske

    International Conferences:

    Berlin, Germany

    Toyko, Japan

    2001 PRO/USER Conference
    "A Virtual Odyssey"
    Reno, NV, USA
    Attendance: 1,280
    Fees: $750
    Keynote: Nigel Macknight,

    International Conferences:

    Berlin, Germany

    Toyko, Japan

    2000 PRO/USER Conference
    "Looking Back, Looking Forward'"
    Orlando, FL, USA
    Attendance: 1,756
    Fees: $695
    Keynote: Homer Hickam, Jr.

    1999 PRO/USER Conference
    "Think Big'"
    Dallas, TX, USA
    Attendance: 1,610
    Fees: $695
    Keynote: Earl Werner,


    1998 PRO/USER Conference
    "Energize Your Enterprise"
    Anaheim, CA, USA
    Attendance: 1,709
    Fees: $595
    Keynote: Jennifer Harris,
    NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    1997 PRO/USER Conference
    "Mission Impossible"
    Orlando, FL, USA
    Attendance: 1,481
    Fees: $595
    Keynote: Dr. Stephen Jacobson,

    1996 PRO/USER Conference
    "Turning Imagination into Reality"
    Anaheim, CA, USA
    Attendance: 1,215
    Fees: $495
    Keynote: David Egan
    Team New Zealand

    1995 Conference
    "Putting the Race to Market:
    Through Process and Technology Innovation"
    Orlando, FL, USA
    Attendance: 1,167
    Fees: $400
    Keynote: Derrick Walker,
    Walker Racing
    1994 Conference
    "Putting the Pieces Together"
    San Jose, CA, USA
    Attendance: 830
    Fees: $350
    Keynote: Dr. Ramana Reddy
    University of West Virginia

    1993 Conference
    "Back to the Feature"
    Orlando, FL, USA
    Attendace: 513
    Fees: $300
    Keynote: Mark Henderson
    Arizona State University

    1992 Conference
    Orlando, FL, USA
    Attendance: 325
    Fees: $300
    Keynote: Peter Marks
    1991 Conference
    Boston, MA, USA
    Attendance: 175
    Fees: $300
    Keynote: Emanual Sacks

    1990 Conference
    Dedham, MA, USA
    Attendance: 100
    Fees: $300

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