Preliminary Topics

ALM Sessions

Short Description

Advanced Reports Customers to share techniques for creating advanced reports (reports that may be sorted, edited, etc)
Customer input document Continue to refine the customer input document created at the June meetings
Customer stories Customers to present short stories of implementations and/or issues and what they did to overcome them
Detailed ALM RoadMap PTC to provide a road map of ALM products, including the reference solution, connected requirements, ILM thick client and Integrity Modeler 
Developing Trigger scripts Customers to share techniques to develop and debug and monitor triggers in ILM
Integrations PTC to share details on current status and future plans for Integrations
PTC Strategy for ALM PTC to present their Strategy for ALM products
Training session on using PSM for Integrity Short introduction training session of using PSM to monitor Integrity.
CAD Sessions  
2D Drawing Performance Enhancements? Working with 2D drawings for large models is very difficult and there have been discussions  in the past to improve this 
Creating 2D Documentation from an annotated 3D model in Creo Elements Direct Modeling / Annotator Annotate a 3D model and transfer those annotations when creating the 2D drawing.
Creo Elements Direct Model Manager/Web Overview Give an overview of Creo Direct Model Manager and Web Access and the creation and use of non CAD created data.
Creo Holes Review Creo hole features (missing standard hole libraries, enhancements, ...)
Creo Rounds  Review gaps in Creo round features
Creo system administration and installation  General system administration and installation session
Crosstopic - Family Table issues CAD, MBE and Data management General family table discussions for CAD, MBE and Windchill data management
Design Collaboration In this session, PTC will be outlining their plans for a new design collaboration solution and would like your feedback and ideas.
Multi-Body Working Group Discussion around the various Multi-Body use cases and updates in the PTC Development progress
Routed Systems Best Practice Live Demos Live User Demos of Routed Systems Toolsets.Take turns sharing and discussing how you are using the tools as they are today.
Sheetmetal TC Future Enhancement Discussion This meeting will cover the Sheetmetal Flat and Flange "consolidation" enhancement discussion and provide Feedback to PTC on other enhancements ideas being considered
Symbols Symbols Working Group (kickoff)
TC Customization - Changes in Object Toolkit / Toolkit - 179 Character Filename Support in Creo 6.0- Memory bug for working with Instances- Asynchronous Applications and Communication Problems (C++, C#, Java)
Using Creo Elements Direct Drafting / Annotator to revise scanned 2D drawings. How to revise a scanned pencil drawing (Tiff Image) using Creo Elements Direct Drafting / Annotator and then saving it as a CAD file format (*.mi) to allow further downstream usage.
MBD Sessions  
Backlog Items for Future MBD Enhancements in Creo Michael will discuss future enhancement projects with the TC members and collect their feedback to be consider for prioritization of said projects.
Direct Modeling and MBD  Direct Modeling and MBD 
Modeling Process needs to change in an MBD world Modeling Process needs to change in an MBD world
Representing part coatings in a Model-Based Enterprise  Will discuss representing part coatings in a Model-Based Enterprise 
Stryker’s Transition to a Model Based Enterprise: Leading Practices for Strategy, Process, Data and  Stryker’s Transition to a Model Based Enterprise: Leading Practices for Strategy, Process, Data and People
Working Group White Paper Review - Family Tables and the Model-Based Enterprise Present the results of the Family Tables for MBE working group
Working Group White Paper Review - MBD Functionality:  Ideal Design Review Present the results of the MBD Functionality:  Ideal Design Review working group
Working Group White Paper Review - Model-Based Work Instructions Present the results of the Model Based Work Instructions (MBWI) working group
MPMLink Sessions  
MPMLink: Best Practices and Adoption by Shop Floor Open discussion for MPMLink best practices
MPMLink: Opening & Review of Open Action Items Opening session for MPMLink along with review of the open action items from the June meetings.
MPMLink: Planned updates for Windchill 12 PTC to present on what is coming for MPMLink in version 12.
MPMLink: Shop Floor Adoption How receptive has been the shop floor and what hurdles did you have to overcome to get there?
MPMLink: Thingworx Operator Advisor Overview on Operator Adviser.
MPMLink: Wrap Up Session Wrap up and summary of winter forum.
Platform Sessions  
Beyond Enterprise Systems Integration Integration of enterprise systems with focus on Windchill PLM.<br />Primary presenter: Rafał Witkowski from TTPSC (I'm submitting in his name and with his consent)
What is Assisted Reality and why should we care? Assisted Reality, quite commonly called "Augmented Reality's poor relation", can be the easiest way to get the best out of technology in today's manufacturing, without the hefty price tag of MS HoloLens and such.
PLM Sessions  
Change Management and Enterprise Change Change Management discussion
Crosstrack CAD/PLM/Flex Part to Document Linking/Associations Discussion around part to document (CAD, WT, Dynamic) relationships, described by, referenced by, owner, image, content, etc.
Crosstrack CAD/PLM/Flex/MPMLink on Handling Material; Specs, Raw Parts, Properites, etc Material definitions handling, to discuss how specifications are managed, part numbers, BOM's, Properties for CAD, Attribute values, etc.
Crosstrack PLM/MPMLink How are MBD transitions handled temp
Crosstrack PLM/MPMLink/Flex Integration to business systems from Windchill (ESI, ERP Connector etc) Integration to business systems from Windchill, typically downstream systems using any type of connectivity (ESI, ERP Connector, Homegrown, etcetera)
Data privacy (GDPR) and Windchill Data privacy (GDPR) and Windchill
Detailed Windchill Roadmap, Winchill 12 and Java 11 Forward looking information subject to change without notice
ECAD TC - General Session ECAD TC - General Session
How to drastically increase chances of a Windchill development project’s success - DevOps best pract Best practices on how to handle DevOps in Windchill development projects to increase success chances and improve solution quality. 
Monitoring User Activity How do you monitor a users behaviour in your system? Do you have any tools to catch unusual activity?
Navigate use cases and success stories Are you using Navigate? How are you using it?
Options and Variants Use cases, challenges, business advantages from using options and variants
The Future of Compliance Within the PTC Ecosystem Introduction into integration of PTC Windchill PLM and Assent Compliance Platform and outlook to further integration of ACP with PTC products.
Windchill - from Source Code Management to automated deployment Discussion and presentation of the complete workflow from SourceCode to deployment on the WT System (DevOps).
Working Groups Face to Face (Huddles) A chance for any working groups to meet face to face
Creo Illustrate - Updates Session This will be a general update session for Creo Illustrate. Come to see where we are at on updates we have discussed in the past as well as upcoming updates. 
Retail Sessions  
AR / VR ….. AR/ VR
FlexPLM - 3D tools and integration with FlexPLM ….. 3D tools and integration with FlexPLM 
FlexPLM - Adobe Design Suite Roundtable + Thingworx Retail Connector ….. FlexPLM - Adobe Design Suite Roundtable  / ThingWorx Retail Connector
FlexPLM - Calendar / Workflow Working Group ….. FlexPLM - Calendar / Workflow working group
FlexPLM - Eagle Release v11.1 ….. Eagle Release 11.1
FlexPLM - Introductions - ….. Introductions
FlexPLM - Material / BOM Working Group ….. FlexPLM - Material/BOM Working Group
FlexPLM - Material Adoption Application + Upgrade / New Install Roundtable ….. FlexPLM - Material Adoption Application (PTC Led) + Upgrade/New Install Roundtable (All)
FlexPLM - Return on Investment Roundtable ….. Return on Investment Roundtable
FlexPLM - UX Upgrade for Giraffe - Part 1 ….. FlexPLM Ux Update for Giraffe - Part 1
FlexPLM - UX Upgrade for Giraffe - Part 2 ….. FlexPLM Ux update for Giraffe - Part 2
FlexPLM - Vendor Portal Roundtable + Reporting Roundtable ….. FlexPLM - Vendor Portal Roundtable + Reporting Roundtable - Topic #9

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